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In front of the public and the market, it is sometimes difficult to be distinguishable from other entities in the same line of business. The logo label is an essential visual aspect to be easily identified and recognized. With the final touch of the logo brought to your product, it is your footprint, your signature that you want the customers to remember.

With DB technique, the solution for your logo label is not far anymore.

For a product, an object, some furniture or equipment, we cannot only adapt the label to your wishes, but we can also help you to discover a wide range of possibilities of compositions, for an ideal result in the presentation of your brand.

Thanks to our wide choice of materials and design possibilities, whether it be temporary or permanent, your logo label will perfectly fit in your product and will marvelously represent your brand to the consumers.

To exchange on the design of your logo labeling, click here right now, and a professional will call you back as soon as today.

étiquette logo marque duralex verre

An attractive product and performance

With our wide range of materials and our design possibilities, we can implement all the solutions to help you customize the brand of your products by creating your tailor-made label. You can be sure that with DB TECHNIQUE, your logo labels will reflect the image of your company.

étiquette logo relief

Embossed logo label

étiquette logo grainé

Grained logo label

Logo labeling, magic of combinations

Multiple combinations are possible. Tell us what you expect from your logo label, both on the aesthetic and technical aspect, and we will put our expertise to use in order to satisfy you perfectly.

Our digital printing technologies, flexographic and screen-printing allow us to answer nearly all the needs in the conception of the logo labels.

We create assemblies and complexes with different materials and adhesives.

  • Dome label, resin or embossed

  • Transfer label, adapted to large surfaces

  • Polycarbonate labels for an optimal resistance

  • Synthetic labels, PET, PP, PE adapted to all supports

étiquette produit logo batterie voiture

To exchange on the design of your logo label, click here right now and a professional will call you back as soon as today.