Signage also concerns the equipment, when it comes to signaling or informing about the characteristics of the product, instructions, regulations and to prevent hazards and risks of the materials.

étiquette signalétique

You are manufacturing industrial or domestic equipment, you produce components for the automobile or provide your customers with digital, electronic or other display systems.

Driven by an impeccable quality of your products, DB TECHNIQUE identification labels are waiting for you!

The informative labeling issues of quality being more than ever current in the industry, DB TECHNIQUE combines its expertise and its technical solutions to achieve your labels with the expected perfection and professional quality.

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  • Instructions labels

  • Regulatory labels

  • Nameplate labels

  • Display filter labels

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The identification label, protection of the goods and persons, prevent, inform and visualize.

signalétique étiquette consignes

Instructions labels

Today, prevention against the hazards and risks incurred by consumers during the use of products and equipment has an essential character. Fixtures have to be labeled in order to clearly show instructions and the care to take before using the product or material.

étiquettes consignes domestique

Regulatory labels

The legislation imposes to inform the consumers about the conformity of a product in accordance with the decrees and existing regulations. Whatever your activity may be, warning information, energy criteria or dial lists have to appear on the energy label or the EC label.

  • Energy value label

  • Multilingual booklet label

  • Equipment regulatory label

Nameplate labels

The nameplate label is the identity card of your product. It is informative, it has to respect the aesthetism, and very often it has to be tamper-proof to reduce the risk of theft, internally as well as externally. It is a label containing all the technical information related to the product, which is noted during the machinery inspections.

Display filters-cockpits and signage

On board the vehicles or to indicate the safety instructions in a building, the labels or filter displays are backlit and let luminous indications appear, thus being visible in the dark. It is here a technology that includes the respect of particular standards as well as the visual comfort of users.

Our manufacturing of display filters are ruled by high requirements from our customers, especially those working in the automobile field.

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