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Company signs are a defining aspect of your product. It is informative, has to respect the company’s aesthetism, and very often it has to be tamper-proof to reduce theft risk, both internally and externally. It is a label containing all the technical information related to the product, which is noted during the machinery inspections.

You wish to identify and give a dynamic style to your goods while protecting them. DB TECHNIQUE offers you professional customisable labels adapted to multiple applications.

Whether it be industrial or domestic goods, the durability issues of the label are there. The adhesives and materials must be appropriate to the requirement of use.

Thanks to our manufacturing experience, we select the appropriate adhesives as well as the materials depending on the criteria to be taken into account. Our achievements, more or less complex depending on the requirement of application, ensure the provision of a label that perfectly sticks to your product.

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plaque de firme industrielles
étiquettes plaque de firme

For each nameplate label its composition

The nameplate labels fitted with a permanent adhesive are designed for the most difficult and demanding industrial surfaces, without any particular preparation of the application surface.

The adhesives of our labels allow a remarkable adhesion for a permanent identification of your products.

The label at the forefront of tooling

Equipment goods and industrial or domestic tooling are particularly exposed to dirt, pressure, rough handling, shocks, and others. Signage labels are often mishandled and must resist in all circumstances !

For each material surface, each application, each specification, we implement all our solutions and our expertise to provide you with the long-lasting label.

plaque de firme outillage
plaque de firme bien d'équipement

The ultimate protection in polycarbonate version

The nameplate is sometimes part of the decoration, informative or functional plate of a product. The information is then printed during manufacturing and complexing of all parts in polycarbonate.

This version of the nameplate label, integrated or separately created, offers an unmatchable resistance, since the visible information is printed under the surface.

The visual surface effect can be smooth or grained depending on the choice and design of the products.

Protecting one’s nameplate

plaque de firme étiquette sécurité électronique

Tamper-proof labels

Guarantee protection or anti-fraud, destructible solutions or Void

plaque de firme film protection

Protection film

Protection against industrial aggressions, laminating or  protection film

To exchange on the regulation of your product by the label, click here right now, a professional will call you back as soon as today.