For aesthetic, security or traceability reasons, identification of products, equipment and packaging has become inescapable. The requirements are for industrial, resistance and sustainability reasons. In an increasingly competing world, in order to stand out, the necessity to customize your labels and your markings has become the leitmotiv of the achievement of your custom-made labels.

You are a marketing, industrial or logistics manager and you wish your products’ labels to be faithful to the brand image and to respect all the technical criterias of your specifications.

At DB TECHNIQUE, we are here to listen to your expectations, respect them and satisfy your demands.

Thanks to our expertise, we can achieve custom labeling that will suit your needs perfectly. Our challenge: keep up to the objectives of success you have set for your products.

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From our expertise to the delivery of your label.

The first important step for us is to perfectly know your expectations.
We pay attention to your specifications in order to clearly understand your needs and your satisfaction target. We also work on technical plans, specifications or manufacturers’ specifications. We select the best materials and adhesives, we can do samples, prototypes, even then do initial samples for validation (PPAP documentation, FAI…)

expertise identification industrielle

If the material is important, so is the adhesive.

Depending on the destination and the constraints of your label, the choice of an appropriate adhesive is an essential step to guarantee its success. Whether your label has a permanent, removable and inviolable target, there is still a self-adhesive solution that will match your requirement.

Whether the application be on automobile, équipment, medical, heating, among the wide range of solutions, we will select the best adhesive combinations and the most appropriate materials for your projects.

Technologies and colours

Your label must be harmonious, aesthetic and above all, it has to respect the design of your product. To this end, our CAM defines all the technical criteria and then, we work in our colour laboratory with the appropriate means to obtain the exact LAB references to be true to the nuances intended.

Whatever the used printing technology, digital, flexography or screen-printing, we select the colours for a faithful reproduction of the design intended for your label.

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fabrication étiquette précision

Manufacturing precision label

Our manufacturing can be simple as well as complex and we systematically opt for a rigorous selection of cutting and printing tooling in order to get a superior printing and cutting quality with a high repeatability rate. The converting label is realized by assembling several laminating operations. Thus, we are able to answer multiple specific cases, such as double-coated labels, sectile labels, booklet labels, “Ztag” labels and many other applications on specific request.

Our target, your satisfaction

We are dedicated to satisfy your expectations and answer to your highest requirements in providing you labeling solutions.

Online-Offline control
To ensure conformity of your orders, we do both online and offline controls, on the production line, on the packaging, and a final control before the release of the products for shipping.

Logistical commitment
Our quality commitment integrates the respect of deadlines. Our target, the delivery of products in accordance with your expectations, your specifications in the expected timeframes.

Audits on the manufacturing site
With some customers, the control of quality process is made on the site in order to audit the respect of the initiated procedures, test plans, and standard compliance.

Certification ISO 9001 / V 2015 – VDA

contrôle qualité étiquette

Environmental respect

We produce clean and respect our commitments.

Développement durable

Let’s preserve our natural resources and recycle our waste by bringing a simple solution for the final users. With our recycling glassine programme, we organize the collection of glassines.

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