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In the cockpit of a vehicle, the amount of information displayed on the dashboard is more and more significant.
For reasons of safety and visual comfort, information and digital symbols must appear in the clearest and most distinctive way possible.

You develop digital visual interfaces for cockpits or safety signage signs and you want to satisfy your customers who impose very high-level criteria on you.

With its experience and skills in industrial labeling DB TECHNIQUE brings you its technology and expertise tested in that field.

Thanks to our rigorous choice of materials, our specific equipment of selection of colours, our precision tooling and our control processes, we can guarantee you the creation of diffuser display filters in line with your requirements.

To exchange on your display filter project, click here right now, a professional will call you back as soon as today.

filtre afficheur aéronautique panneau exit

Product reliability, an expertise made in France

We take your and your customer’s requirement level very seriously. We are aware of the quality and security issues in the creation of display filters and we put all our care and rigor to ensure a continuous quality of your product.

  • Materials, inks, printing processes and tested cutting processes

  • Use of control means dedicated to each customer in line with their tolerance threshold.

  • Use of tools reproducing the real conditions of use for a better user’s experience.

  • Continuous control of light transmission

  • Alienation of all irregularity of production or non-compliance thanks to the common definition of the specifications in the initial stages of the project

Our objectives for a quality filter

Opacity/intensity dosage and homogeneity of light

We work in our colour laboratory with a spectrometer and a densitometer, which allow us to obtain the LAB references and to be faithful to the desired hues.

  • Precision of the dimensions and cuts (obtained through automated processes realized on our production lines and our control cameras in process)

  • Résistance des matériaux (pour une durée de vie adaptée à l’appareil sur lequel le filtre est assemblé)

  • Ease of fitting (optimal packaging fitted to your needs)

filtre afficheur industriel

To exchange about your display filter project, click here right now, a professional will call you back as soon as today.