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Today, legislation imposes companies to inform their consumers about the conformity of products in accordance with decrees and existing regulations. Whatever your activity, the warning information, energy criteria or dial lists have to appear on the labeling of your products.

You have to apply the regulatory labeling and you wish to preserve the design and the functional aspect of your products. DB TECHNIQUE is here to help you and offer you technical and professional solutions adapted to your projects.

For a motor organ, medical or electronic devices or other products, whether it be permanent or removable regulatory labeling and whatever the size of your label, our expertise as manufacturers in that sector guarantees you an impeccable result perfectly adapted to your specificities.

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étiquette réglementaire contrôle

All the mandatory information on your regulatory label

étiquette valeur énergétique

Energy value label

The energy value labels of the products are shown in various fields. There are different supports, synthetic materials or papers and adhesives with a permanent or removable role.

In all cases, the legal indications must be accessible and visible until the use of the product or during the whole lifetime of the product.

étiquette livret

Multilingual booklet labels

In the case of international use of the products, legislation imposes to show the regulatory information in several languages. The small space available on the label quickly becomes a problem.

Booklet labels allow users to access regulatory information very easily and regardless of the amount of printed text. We create booklet labels with 2 or 3 pages according to your demand.

étiquette réglementaire d'équipement

Regulatory equipment labels

Depending on their functions, instructions or regulatory information, the signage labels are generally used for permanent applications and exposed to shocks, rubbings or risks by aggressive products.

Our material and adhesive ranges as well as our printing processes allow us to answer to that type of demand. By precaution or in extreme cases the label can be protected by lamination.

To exchange on the regulation of your product by the label, click here right now, a professional will call you back as soon as today.

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