To optimize the use of packages, a lot of industries opt for the principle of shuttle trays for supply and deliveries. From the supplier’s conditioning to the supply of stocks or line-side manufacturing, this concept offers the advantage of saving packages, protecting the goods in a more efficient way and above all, ensuring a flawless traceability since the products remain in their packaging all along the logistic circuit.

Foolproof resistant markings

To optimize and secure the logistics of your products with the shuttle trays. You want to fit them with logistic markings and to be sure that they are foolproof. Don’t worry, it is our job, we can help by achieving labels intended and designed for the roughest applications.

Thanks to our large choice of materials and adhesives, our laboratory of colour selection and our tools of transformation, we can guarantee you labels that will support your shuttle trays whatever the conditions and circumstances.

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The traceability challenges and transport labeling performance

The obstacle course for reusable trays, the labels must hold up!

The course of the shuttle tray is the obstacle course. To ensure those destinations, it goes through steps such as automated conveyors, transport, storage… There is a whole series of constraints that it has to suffer through like bumps, friction, pressure, washings, bad weather, extreme temperatures… At each circuit, each operation, the barcode label must be there, intact and perfectly readable.

The design and composition of our transport labeling are made to confront those conditions of use.

Logistic traceability barcode or RFID label

In the agribusiness, apart from classical constraints, the shuttle trays have to face other conditions. Pressure washing, detergent products, great variations of temperature.

For each specific case, each requirement, we adapt the adhesive solutions, the materials and the printing processes to ensure a great resistance and a durability for your barcode labels on your products.

To simplify and optimize the logistic traceability of the shuttle trays, we integrate RFID/UHF labels

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Line-side supply

The principle of logistic shuttle, in the automobile, electronic, pharmaceutical fields offers several advantages. The products remain packed in the same packaging from the shipping to the point of use. Therefore, they are protected, the shuttles can be sealed, and the risk of error of deconditioning and reconditioning is zero, so the traceability is reliable.

The barcode label remains a classical way of collecting data, but nowadays, the RFID technologies prevail for reasons of simplicity, speed and reliability.

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