If you are an industrial, logistic or warehouse manager you know that barcode labels are an essential aspect.

Indeed, it is thanks to it that it is possible to list and track all the incoming and outgoing products of a factory or a warehouse. The tracking done by a laser or Imager barcode reader allows one to know the state of the stocks in a shop and to plan resupplying.

There are numerous standards concerning barcodes. How would it be possible to send packages all over the whole world without establishing some rules beforehand? Hence, it is essential to provide labels that are both strong and official. DB TECHNIQUE is your specialist in providing printed barcode labels.

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Learn more about barcode labeling

Nowadays, we can see them everywhere. The printed barcode labels are widely used for logistic or industrial marking. Indeed, they allow you to quickly identify a product with a barcode reader. During a scan, it is thus possible to know the price, origin, and manufacturing data.

The barcode sticker label is therefore a valuable ally to manage the flow of goods. Besides, it saves a lot of time and considerable productivity since, thanks to it, we can, for example, obtain all the information about a package without needing to open it. A well-printed barcode label is a guarantee for flawless tracking.

Recognizing the various types of barcodes

There are two kinds of barcodes

The first one concerns the 1D barcodes, that is, one dimension. Those are quite classical and are composed of numerous vertical bars encoding the information about a product.

The 2D barcodes are, for their part, still quite rarely used in Europe, but largely spread in North America and Asia. QR codes and Damatrix are matric codes that can contain much more information than 1D barcodes.

Adhesive barcode labels with DB TECHNIQUE

As a label manufacturer, DB TECHNIQUE produces and delivers all sorts of barcode labels for you. You must know that our realizations are made according to the rules. Thus, you have the warranty that our printing is precise, reliable and that the ink used makes the marking durable. You are interested in the barcode label and you wish to order a batch?

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