Counterfeit is a terrible scourge for the manufacturers of value-added products. As well as the consumers’ safety is a real security challenge in the context of the first use of the products.

étiquette sécuritaire void

You want to protect your brand, preserve your products from external threats (thefts, damages…) or simply secure the warranty of the first use of the materials and products. Thanks to its professional solutions, DB TECHNIQUE helps you to protect your brand and secure the consumers.

Whether it be a safety label to guarantee the authenticity of the brand and the products or to prevent the opening of a door, a box, a confidential envelope or another equipment accessory, it is a whole range of material and custom printings that we offer you.

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étiquette destructible

Protect your brand with anti-counterfeit labels

The anti-counterfeit labels are an excellent means of preventing theft and relabeling. They are fitted with papers and destructive and extremely structured films which are destroyed when removed. Anti-fraud closure labels are extremely reliable and apply to all steps of the logistic route.

étiquettes inviolables

Protect your brand with tamper-proof labels

Tamper-proof labels offer an excellent protection to the brand by contributing to guarantee the authenticity of the products. They can be printed with identification numbers or other important information such as the warranty numbers of the products because they cannot be transferred.

étiquette void

Protect your brand with Void labels

The Void labels leave a text, a pattern or a logo on the product when the label is partially or totally removed. The standard Void labels leave a sticky residue on the packaging of the product, whereas the No Tak Void labels leave the printed surface smooth and silky, and allow to avoid the accumulation of dust or dirt.

Those qualities are essential for high-end products. For your needs regarding safety labeling, the Void products exist in metal, glossy, white, transparent versions.

You are the first user of your product

The sealed label testifies the guarantee of authenticity of your product. It clearly indicates if the vial, the box, or the lid of some device have been subject to a first fraudulent handling or not.

There are several solutions to achieve an opening-tamper label:

  • The Void materials leave traces on the support

  • The destructive materials are brittle and the opening leaves traces

  • The materials with custom cutting

  • The labels with invisible printing tamper

étiquette scellé

Customized solutions for the safety and protection of the brands

As a complement of the existing safety material labeling, it is always possible to customize your safety label. In our manufacturing designs, we can integrate and combine holograms, invisible inks, or else, RFID labels in order to give the expected security according to your objective or specifications.

étiquette sécuritaire UV

Invisible ink

UV lamp revelation

étiquette hologrammes


2D/3D customized, micro and nano texts

To exchange on the creation of your security label, click here right now, a professional will call you back as soon as today.