In a company, for optimal management of immobilized goods, regular monitoring of the materials is necessary. Inventories allow to establish a physical status of the parks and to carry out an alignment with the current amortizations.


A solution for all possible cases

You have to manage the tracking of a whole lot of office equipment, machines, tools, tooling or else… and your priority is to identify all those materials subject to more or less tough conditions.

DB Technique already makes labels for those applications in various contexts and we surely can help you.

Thanks to our wide choice of materials and adhesives, and our manufacturing processes, we can create the ideal label that will fulfill its functions of inventory label and great durability regardless of the conditions it will be exposed to.

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Inventory labels that resist all along your materials’ lifetime

Parks of immobilized materials can be for office equipment, tool machines, portable tooling, multimedia equipment… Each time the constraints are different, in some cases there are oils, abrasions, shocks that the label will need to be protected from, in other cases, it will be from detergent products, etc…

Our ranges of specific adhesives assembled with resisting materials and complexes of extreme protection will allow us to create a label that will be able to face the most difficult conditions with a guarantee of over time long-hold.


Frequent cleaning


Industrial constraints


Intensive handling

Inventory solutions and applications


Barcode or RFID management

All our creations obviously integrate the incremented barcode printing principle.

It is the most used method of classical management of inventories.

Our labels can also be fitted with a RFID inlay. This new technology offers the advantage of a fast and precise inventory. Our applications can also help implementing an optimized management of inventory.

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