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In the automobile field where competition is harsh, the constraints are high-level. Manufacturers’ requirements are very high as they have to identify, inform and trace in order to guarantee superior quality to satisfy their clients. All that in a field where the labelings are put to severe testing.

marquage automobile moteur

The extreme requirements of automobile labeling

You are a manufacturer, outfitter or automobile integrator and you have to respect all the demands of the specification of your customers to meet their requests. For 30 years, DB TECHNIQUE has evolved with those levels of expectancy.

We know the process and procedures to successfully help you in the achievement of your markings intended for the automobile.

In this field, the constraints are considerable and the requirements in terms of resistance, durability and design are extremely high.

Thanks to our expertise in this field, we can guarantee labels or car markings that will respect your specifications and will pass the test of time.

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Everywhere in the vehicle, performance prevails: traceability, giving appropriate instructions, driving information on the cockpit panels …

For several years, our experience has expanded with our customers. For each new challenge, we use high-end manufacturing processes. The rigorous selection of the materials and adhesives and the care given to the design of the final product guarantee you a barcode label or a nameplate perfectly adapted to the makers’ specifications.

étiquette consigne automobile


marquage automobile outdoor

Outdoor marking: climatic variations and fuel

marquage automobile consigne


Traceability in the motor compartment

It is one of the most aggressive places for the labels. Temperature variations, corrosive fluids and other factors won’t make things any easier for the barcode labels. However, they have to be able to remain for the whole life of the vehicle.

To meet these requirements, the selection of adhesives and materials is essential. Printing quality, protection, cutting accuracy, control plans and the logistics commitments are determining to meet the automobile specifications that you set for us.

marquage automobile résistant
marquage automobile filtres afficheurs

Safety and visual control
in the cockpit

In the cockpit of a vehicle, the amount of information appearing on the digital dashboard is more and more significant. For safety reasons and visual comfort, the information and digital symbols must appear through display filters in the clearest and most distinctive way.

Automobile traceability, a new certainty level with the RFID

Avec la technologie RFID, il est désormais possible d’avoir une visibilité complète sur le parcours d’un véhicule à travers la chaine mondiale d’approvisionnement ,en logistique ,en fabrication en passant par le suivi des pièces sur les chaines de montage et durant le cycle de vie du véhicule.  L’étiquette RFID apporte un niveau de certitude plus élevé en traçabilité.

marquage automobile rfid
marquage automobile expertise

We conceive your labels on technical plans, specifications, particular specifications clients or simple expression of needs.

  • Samples for tests if needed

  • Conception of prototypes

  • Quality production files-Specifications/Control plans

  • Achievement of initial samples- PPAP files/FAI

  • IMDS declaration/Products

  • Manufacturing sites audits

To exchange on your automobile parts labeling project, click here right now, and a professional will call you back as soon as today.