To ensure that measuring instruments are functional and respect ISO standards, regulation imposes routine checking on all of the equipment.

Labels adapted to various control principles

You are at the maintenance or metrological service in the medical, fire security or industrial field. You certainly have to carry out that type of regular control and are obliged to identify it by the operations carried out and the rollover period.

Experience shows that DB Technique provides a range of solutions that will certainly satisfy you through that type of marking.

Indeed, whatever the metrological equipment used, we offer you various solutions, monitor stickers, instructions labels or regulatory labels to fill in manually or with a printing machine. Those technical answers will be able to satisfy the variety of requests in terms of efficiency and durability of the monitoring labels.

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marquage contrôle extincteur

The controls must be identified and informed about the nature of the operations as well as the routine checkings.

Depending on your method of identification, we offer various types of labels custom-made self-adhesive in different sizes manually printable, by printing solutions or any other system. Those labels can be displayed under the shape of puncturable stickers, areas to complete (type of control/agent/date).

For more security and protection, we create tamper-proof labels or protected by lamination with the “Z” label principle.

marquage contrôle étiquetage périodique

Tamper-proof control

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