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In the world of consumption, on top of the characteristics and performances, the design and aesthetism often play a determining role in the consumer’s wish to purchase a product. On this perpetually changing ground, there is permanent competition in order to always stand out while respecting the character of the brand.

You want to attract your customers by an original design and by a perfectly harmonized label on the colours and graphic lines of your product.

DB TECHNIQUE has advanced expertise and helps you in order to obtain a perfect result.

Whatever your line of business (be it medical furniture, domestic or industrial device, heating system or other fields) and your needs in industrial labeling, thanks to our wide choice of materials and adhesives, our laboratory of colour selection our transformation tools, DB TECHNIQUE creates the ideal label which will melt into the decoration of your product in order to play an attractive role on your potential customers.

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étiquette décor électronique

Decorate your products including the performance

For several years, our experience has expanded with our customers. For each new challenge, we use high-end manufacturing processes. The rigorous selection of the materials and adhesives and the care given to the design of the final product guarantee you a decoration label perfectly suited to your product.

étiquettes décor médical

Furniture decoration

Discover medical marking
étiquettes décor-équipement

Equipment decoration

Discover IHM interfaces
étiquette décor produit chimique

Product decoration

Identification associated with the products

Materials, adhesives and complexes, multiple solutions

A whole range of possibilities is facing you

Depending on the nature of your product, there are grained effects, smooth or satin on the surface that will give the best visual or sensitive effect.

Our colour preparations in laboratories guarantee you the perfect hue suited to your expectations. With operations of complexes or converting labels, it is a label matching your expectations that we produce, both on the aesthetic, environmental aspect or linked to the conditions of use of your products.

To exchange on the upgrading of your product by its label, click here right now, and a professional will call you back as soon as today.

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