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Domestic or industrial equipment goods do not escape the marking requirements both for regulatory aspects through nameplates or instructions labels and for the respect of the aesthetism of the devices. The applications remain varied, signal labels  and regulatory labels, front panel, IHM control interface, with always the same challenge, seduce the customers by the aesthetism and the agility of the functions.

marquage chauffage industriel équipements

You are manufacturing equipment for industrial or domestic usage, and wish for a functional and durable labeling that is perfectly suited to your expectations.

If you want to seduce your clients with an original design marking and sign it with a label in perfect harmony with the colours and graphic lines of your product, DB TECHNIQUE offers the perfect solution to your needs.

Thanks to our large choice of materials and adhesives, our colour selection laboratory and our transformation tools, DB TECHNIQUE achieves your ideal label, which will perfectly melt into the decoration of your devices by integrating all the functionalities you ask for.

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plaque de firme outillage équipements

Those labels submitted to intensive handlings

For several years, our experience has expanded with our customers. For each new challenge, we use high-end manufacturing processes. The rigorous selection of the materials and adhesives and the care given to the design of the final product guarantee you a decorative label perfectly suited to your product.

For nameplates, instructions labels or control interfaces, the handling and environmental conditions of use are rough for the equipment devices. By experience, we know what types of materials and adhesives are suitable for those difficult applications. Our manufacturing processes allow an ultimate protection of the front panels or nameplates.

Combination of materials, adhesives, complexes, and integration of control keys

Depending on the nature of the product, there are grain effects, smooth or satin surfaces that will give the best visual or sensitive effect. Our colour preparations in laboratories guarantee you the perfect hue that you wish. With the complexes and converting label operations, we will produce a label that will meet your expectations, both on the aesthetic aspect and the resistance to the environment of use of products.

To exchange on your equipment labeling project, click here right now and a professional will call you back as soon as today.