Labeling of products has its requirements. The consumers are attached to the design, the aesthetism, but also to the durability concerning the exploitation of information or equipment instructions.
Whether you be a manufacturer of industrial or domestic devices, subassemblies, high added-value products or components, the issue of an original label is situated both on a technical and an aesthetic level.

pelliculage luxe

You want to provide to your customers a touch of differentiation with the originality of the label, while protecting information and giving relief to the aesthetics of the label. DB TECHNIQUE selects for you the most appropriate lamination films for your applications and harmoniously adapts them to your label.

Whatever your line of activity (medical furniture, domestic or industrial devices, heating systems or other products), thanks to our wide choice of lamination films, DB TECHNIQUE guarantees you a final product label resistant, durable and aesthetic.

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pelliculage résistant

Resistance with labels submitted to time testing

The self-adhesive lamination films enable you to reinforce and consolidate efficiently and simply a wide range of existing adhesive complexes. They answer all needs of labeling requiring an increased resistance to tearing, abrasion, water, chemical products and heat. Paper labels especially benefit from both strength and resistance to superior tearing. Preserve the authenticity of your brand with a mat or brilliant lamination.

pelliculage auto adhésif

Increased longevity with long-lasting functionalities

The self-adhesive lamination films protect your printing from dust, splashes, and also the various cleaning operations over time. Extend significantly the life time of your important information on your barcode labels and all other identification data of your product labels. Guarantee a long-term readability of the printed information, even in the most extreme conditions, whether it be applications in gaseous, greasy or dangerous environments.

pelliculage clear

Aestheticism for an unprecedented differentiation

Use transparent lamination products “clear-on-clear” to emphasize the printing contrast and colour intensity.

Display your brand under its most beautiful assets and present lastingly the image of a quality product. The mat or brilliant lamination offers unprecedented qualities to differentiated products in the outlets and allows to guarantee the consumers’ loyalty to the brand a long time after their purchase.

A clever combination to protect your printed label

The “Z” label can be made in various materials and different sizes.

Que votre étiquette soit préimprimée ou qu’elle soit complétée ensuite avec un moyen d’impression ou de marquage industriel, avec ce principe de pelliculage vous êtes entièrement autonome pour la protéger avant la dépose sur son support. Le dispositif de prédécoupe et pliage permet un ajustement bord à bord d’une très grande précision. L’étiquette « Z » est réalisable dans différentes matières et dans différents formats.

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