Nowadays, consumers want to have more information about the products to make the right choice. Therefore, the attractive aspect of a product is major to encourage the gesture of confidence, “the act of purchase”. The product label is not only essential for traceability, but also indispensable to indicate to the consumer all the necessary information. That is where the informative and aesthetic role of the label makes perfect sense.

You want to develop your business by giving a personalized character to your products with the label. DB TECHNIQUE offers technical and professional solutions suited for your projects.

Whether it be decoration aesthetism, highlighting your brand or even to associate informative or functional notions with the label, thanks to the perfect combination of the selection of materials and our expertise, we support your objectives of seduction of your products.

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You are known with your logo

Whether it be your company, your brand, your product or your service, with your logo you are immediately visually identified. A logo label can be temporary or permanent depending on the applications and products.

With the work on materials and adhesives, the mastery of processes and colours, we create a logo label that will exactly match your expectations to highlight and identify your brand.

Suit your label’s decoration to your customers

Whether you are recognized or not, today, in order to stand out from competitors, a label’s technical and functional criterias generally make the difference. But competition can be so strong that manufacturers have to be twice as imaginative to seduce more and more consumers.

A product’s design and its decorative label play a major role in attracting consumers.

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Custom-made labels, for even more distinction

 In a world continuously ruled and animated by the importance of image, we are subjectively conditioned by the beautiful, attractive and colourful. Decorative labels therefore play a key role in product sales.

Whether it be a self-adhesive custom label made for a consumable product or functional decoration of some equipment, the personalization of your products by labeling offers even more distinction. It is a way of mixing the identity of your product while cultivating an attractive aspect.

With our lines of screen-printing, flexographic and digital products, it is possible to personalize your labels whatever the technological or design requirement for your products.

To exchange on the highlighting of your product by the label, click here right now and a professional will call you back as soon as today.