In this day and age, the issues of companies and organizations are clear: staying competitive. For that, they need to constantly improve their process in order to become more efficient. Therefore, data collection and tracking of optimized assets are determining elements.

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You are an industrial or logistic manager and you want to develop the speed and precision of your process of data collection. DB TECHNIQUE can assist you by offering identification solutions by radiofrequency, RFID labels.

By opting for those tested innovative technologies, it is possible to identify the heritage, track the assets and their locations more efficiently, cut the costs, gain in efficiency and be more cost-efficient.

Indeed, thanks to the RFID technology, it is possible to list and track all sorts of products, incoming or outcoming of a factory or a warehouse, simply and with reliability. The tracking realized by a RFID reader allows one to know the stock situation and to plan the resupply.

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RFID and NFC labels, one step ahead in the access to the information

Logistics and tracking of the assets, more agility and visibility

The worldwide industrial logistic constantly evolves and the performance of the supply chain goes through full disclosure and speed. It is now sure that the technology of RFID labels for tracking allows a better precision of stocks and improves agility and visibility of the supply chain.

From the production stage onwards, radiofrequency labels offer tracking abilities from one end to the other by reducing counterfeiting and theft. Besides, this technology allows tracking and location of products and items easier and more efficiently, which saves time and money.

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RFID label, more agility, safety and gains

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Automobile traceability, a new level of certainty

With the RFID technology, it is now possible to have full visibility on the route of a vehicle, in logistics, in manufacturing by going through the tracking of the parts on the assembly lines and during the life cycle of the vehicle. RFID labeling brings a higher level of certainty in tracking with the automobile marking.

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Protection and security of the brands

The RFID technology offers a superior level of protection and security of brands. The monitoring devices on the global scale allow to reduce risk of counterfeit and diversion, by protecting the immediate and long term value of the brands. The safety labels combine physical protection and data management.

étiquette rfid supply chain

Precision of inventories: optimized margins

The RFID technology offers profitable aspects when it generates improvement in precision and visibility of the stocks thanks to a faster and cleverer method.

In warehouse marking, it becomes easier to track the locations and to keep the most requested products within reach.

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NFC near-field communication

The NFC technology offers intuitive and simple communication.

The exchange of fast data between a device or a mobile card and an electronic reader considerably eases the access to information. It gives access to numerous convenient applications, both in the private or professional field, such as the access control, the payment, the transport and the access to the instructions and information.

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