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The custom-made sticker label, also known under the name of adhesive label, is widely spread in the industrial field. There is a reason for that, it is ultra-easy to set up and stick to any surface: cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, etc.
Thanks to that, tracking and traceability of all products are ensured.

Thanks to the custom adhesive labels provided by DB TECHNIQUE, you can now add a touch of your brand to your products and show the necessary information relating to it (be it reference, instruction, composition, or else).

Essential in the industrial fields, the self-adhesive custom labels are guaranteed within the standards. Thus, you can serenely send your products all over the world, because you know that the tracking and regulation are ensured.

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Étiquette autocollante personnalisée décor
Etiquette autocollante personnalisée signalétique

The self-adhesive custom label, a must-have in the industry

You need to put a logo label or to show the name of a product on a surface. But above all, you want to be sure that the label will not come off for any reason.

The professional adhesive label comes into play there. Whatever the conditions of transport, storage or use that you intend to have for your product, it is essential for your label to remain in place.

Resistance to all weathers and all conditions

On top of being practical and fast to use, the professional heat-sealing label is robust and perfectly remains in place.
Moreover, its printing quality is undeniable. The ink penetrates deeply and does not flow, even under the rain or in humid conditions of storage.

That last point is essential in some industries. That type of label is, for example, ideal for automobile products and components, metallurgical and other various types of equipment.
It is also a perfect solution for the chemical packaging or others exposed to outside conditions and great variations of temperatures.

The undeniable role of adhesive labeling

Is there any simpler way of indicating all the information about a product to a user than a label? An adhesive label is not only essential for traceability, especially thanks to the barcode labels, but is also vital to indicate everything a customer may need to know.

It is mainly about the name, the brand, the logo, the instruction manual, the composition, the warnings, the expiry date and a lot more notions that they may need in order to fully use the product.

Besides, numerous industries have to comply to strict standards. A self-adhesive label remains the best way to answer those standards according to the rules.

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DB TECHNIQUE is responsible for your labels

Our expertise brings us to offer you only the best labeling products available on the market.

With the best selections of materials and adhesives, the implementation of printing and cutting technologies, we use proven expertise to compose your self-adhesive custom label.

Creation of all your tailor-made labels in our manufacturing factory and delivery as soon as possible.

To exchange on your need of professional labeling, click here right now, and a professional will call you back as soon as today.