With the evolution of trade and logistics, warehouses, in search of productivity gain, are considerably modernizing.
Flexibility, traceability and fast tracking of locations is essential to an optimal management of movement and flow of goods.

Productivity gain, innovative and durable marking

To optimize and secure the logistics of your products within shuttle trays, they need to have logistic labeling and be foolproof.

At DB TECHNIQUE, we will help by achieving labels for you that are intended and designed for the roughest of applications.

Thanks to our strict choice of specific adhesives, ultra-resistant materials and our manufacturing processes, we can guarantee labels that will support your shuttle trays whatever the conditions and circumstances.

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marquage entrepôts bandeaux couleurs

All the warehouse labeling solutions

Pallet label banners facilitate and secure the reading of packages on high shelves.

One colour by level of storage, fixation on 1st plate, at the height of the operators, inclined codes for a precise and error free reading, material and adhesive with a high resistance to frictions.

For practical reasons, the rack scales symbolizing the locations and levels are sometimes positioned at the end of the pallets.

We advise you about the appropriate materials for your applications and qualify your solution of barcode reading if necessary.

Materials, adhesives and ultra-resistant complexes for floor marking

marquage entrepôt emplacement sol

Identification of spaces
High resistance floor marking

We offer all signage for the warehouse floors in the form of high resistant adhesive supports in polycarbonate. Pallet spaces, paths, hazardous or consigned areas with “T” marking, all colour and size discontinuous strips.

marquage entrepôts bandeaux plaque de sol

Immutable floor marking
Aluminum plates sealed to the floor

Aluminum support screw system or to stick + high resistant barcode polycarbonate labels. Advice and qualification of your barcode reading system, sample request for tests. Possibility of fitting by our teams.

Storage location, the solutions for small shelves

Our labels can be adhesive or magnetic for an easy, fast and removable identification.

The magnetic barcode labels are the ideal solution for cold storage. Fast and efficient identification. Printing in the mass, all colours and sizes, single or multi-level labels.

DB TECHNIQUE provides you with a full professional service for the identification and management of flows in warehouses.

Qualification, advice and providing solutions for barcode reading or RFID.

To exchange on your project of warehouse labeling, click here right now, and a professional will call you back as soon as today.