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Today, prevention against hazards and risks incurred by consumers during the use of products and equipment has an essential character. Fixtures have now to be labeled in order to clearly show the instructions and care to take before using the product or material.

The materials or equipment that you produce show risks when being used, and you wish to clearly indicate the safety instructions for the protection of the consumers. DB TECHNIQUE is here to help you and offer technical and professional solutions specifically adapted to your projects.

Whether it be electric appliances, chemical products, various mechanisms submitted to precautions during handling, each safety label is subject to particular instructions and must respect the design of the product.

Thanks to our expertise in that field, we create a professional labeling that suits you, and customized to your application.

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étiquette consignes domaines

The instructions and protections applicable to all areas

étiquette consigne médical


Instructions labels of the use of medical equipment for the protection of the operators

étiquette consigne automobile


Instructions labels of the risks when using the equipment and car battery components

étiquette électrostatique


Instructions labels on the risks of static electricity in electronic for the protection of the equipment

Instructions and specifications labels and signage on board

On board the vehicles or to indicate the safety instructions in a building, the labels or filter displays are backlit and let luminous indications appear, thus being visible in the dark. It is here a technology that includes the respect of particular standards as well as the visual comfort of the user.

Our manufacturing of display filters is ruled by our customers’ high requirements, especially those working in the automobile field. Each manufacturing is subject to a colorimetric expertise, a continuous control in the production and a final but extremely rigorous control.

To exchange on your project of instructions label, click here right now, a professional will call you back as soon as today.